Aspire And UiPath Announce Strategic Partnership To Empower Organizations With Intelligent Automation

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In response to changing market trends, Aspire continues to expand its digital ecosystem of technologies to deliver the best-in-class digital solutions to our clients. We partner with strategic and dynamic software leaders who share our vision for a more integrated future.

Aspire announces a strategic partnership with RPA software provider UiPath. The partnership serves to combine Aspire’s Intelligent Automation consulting and implementation offerings with UiPath’s leading software solutions for enterprises looking to become more digital.

UiPath creates intelligent software robots that automate transactional processing, data manipulation, and cross-platform communication. This technology enables more sophisticated automations with AI capabilities such as document understanding and provides sophisticated analytics to measure the business impact of automation. This holistic ‘automation first’ approach is proven to be both substantial and transformative and is allowing everyone to collaborate and put automation squarely at the core of everyday work.

“Our partnership with UiPath enables us to accelerate our clients’ digital transformation journey. Aspire’s proven experience and excellence, coupled with this innovative technology will help our clients transform their business processes, and maximize their success.” says Abir Ghosh, Director and Head of Emerging Technologies and Partnerships at Aspire.

As part of this partnership, Aspire becomes a licensed reseller for UiPath software, offering a single purchase-point for organizations seeking services and software. Aspire also becomes an Implementation Partner enabling delivery and ongoing support for organizations that have selected UiPath as their RPA tool of choice to replace mundane tasks with automated processes, and deploy digital workforce.

About Aspire

Since 2002, Aspire, headquartered in Amman, Jordan, provides high quality IT Services to a large number of clients in the USA, Jordan and other countries around the globe. We have been a partner of choice for clients in Digital Transformation and IT Services. Our success has been driven by our customer-focused approach and commitment to building and maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients in the e-commerce, media, banking, telecom, and healthcare and wellness.

Aspire’s knowledge and experience with proven tools and frameworks allows for clients to achieve a higher return on investment and effectively deploy staff resources, while supporting flexibility and corporate objectives.

To learn more how Aspire can help accelerate your intelligent automation journey, Contact us

About UiPath

UiPath?is the leading end-to-end platform for?automation, combining the leading?Robotic Process Automation?(RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities and techs like AI, Process Mining, and Cloud to enable every organization to rapidly scale digital business operations. More than 700 enterprise customers and government agencies use UiPath’s Enterprise RPA platform to rapidly deploy software robots that perfectly emulate and execute repetitive processes, boosting business productivity, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer experience across back-office and front-office operations.

Based in New York City, UiPath’s presence extends to 14 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia. With a thriving RPA developer community of more than 120,000 worldwide, UiPath is on a mission to democratize RPA and support a digital business revolution. To learn more about UiPath, please visit


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