Welcome to Aspire!

Kaushal Shah

Founder & MD, Aspire

We established Aspire in 2002 as a startup to provide IT services for clients in the US, headquartered out of Amman, Jordan. Since then, Aspire teams have worked tirelessly and provided over 9 Million hours of top quality IT Services to our global clients notably from the USA and in the Middle East. Today we are a team of over 300 IT professionals, 40%+ of them female, with a client retention of around 87% over the years.

Aspirers work in a range of areas in traditional and emerging technologies including Digital transformation, Digital Commerce, Quality Engineering & Assurance, Cloud technologies, Automation and so on.

As Aspire turns 20, we have embarked on a mission to evolve into Aspire 2.0, a company that will help us achieve greater heights and successes. This leap into the future is fundamentally structured around 3 pillars.

  • Evolution into a full-scale Technology consulting firm providing Strategy through Implementation services. This digital consulting practice is being curated as part of our new India firm AspireConsult.in. This practice would provide unbiased, leading edge, globally relevant & practically implementable digital advisory services. The Aspire Consulting core team includes senior Aspire technologists working closely with experienced consultants from global consulting firms with decades of relevant experience
  • Collaboration with partners, having products and solutions in new and evolving technologies including Process Automation, Data & Analytics, AI and ML, Cyber Security, IoT etc. This will enable us to accelerate the journey towards technology excellence in sync with the evolving market needs of our clients.
  • Continuous strengthening and improvement of the Aspire organization through strong focus on improved processes, methodologies, tools, technologies and learning opportunities for our people to be fully equipped to work flexibly, securely and seamlessly with clients and partner-vendors anywhere in the world.

AspireConsult.In is a key pillar in this growth strategy for Aspire, as the powerhouse for Aspire’s future global growth. We hope to have with us, some of the top Consulting and Digital talents working on leading edge technology solutions for our major international clients from here in India.

Aspire is built on the strong value of 120% service quality for our clients, enabled by a flexible and high energy work environment, built on secure digital collaboration platforms, and a culture of mutual trust, and bonding!

I wish you the very best for the future and hope to see you around in journey towards the Aspire 2.0 vision as part of AspireConsult.In!

Stay Safe!